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Fight between Siblings as Shina Peters and brother has an unending dispute.

The Nigerian music industry has produced some of Africa’s greatest musicians. One of whom is prolific Afro-Juju maestro, Sir Shina Peters. He was born on May 30 1958.

Shina Peters is the father of popular music producer Clarence Peters, while Clarence’s mother is popular actress Clarion Chukwurah.

Shina’s music career has grown and is flourishing but his relationship with his brother is deteriorating.

Shina and his brother, Yomi, do not have a cordial relationship. The last time they spoke was many years ago.

Yomi Peters is also a musician but he is not as popular as his older brother Shina.

“Blood is thicker than water” does not apply in the case of these brothers. According to Yomi, their fight which has gone on for so long, has been because of disrespect and their father’s properties.

During an interview with Yomi, he stated that the last time he saw his brother, Shina, was about four years ago and they had not spoken since then.

Yomi was a juju singer in Nigeria but he relocated to America and said he left Nigeria because Shina Peters called him an “armed robber”.

News of their fight was published on pages of newspapers, and Yomi addressed it in radio stations.

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The brothers took their fight outside the shores of Nigeria and continued fighting.

Yomi’s words, “I relocated to the United States because I had a clash with my brother over our father’s property and he called me an armed robber on the pages of newspaper. I was so mad and we fought. I took our fight to the radio and television to talk about it and he had to leave Nigeria because of that. The fight was very tough. I told him that he could only run to heaven, so I travelled to America to meet him and we started our fight again.”

Yomi said the bad name (armed robber) his brother called him, affected him both negatively and positively.

His words, “At the end of the day, God took the glory. I made sure I let everyone know that my brother lied against me. That lie really affected me and when I got to American embassy, they asked me some questions about it. Luckily for me, instead of such news destroying me, it helped me and I was given multiple visa because they pitied me and they were glad that I fought to remove the stain on my name.”

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People took advantage of the fight between the brothers and made up stories. They said the brothers were fighting over a woman and that Shina snatched Yomi’s fiancée. Yomi spoke on this, saying it was false.

His words, “There are a lot of things that have been said about me in the press, some are true while others are false, meanwhile, they did not hear from me because there were certain things I couldn’t tell the press. People could have heard or seen some things before they began to say that my brother snatched my fiancée but they did not hear such from me. To be honest, there was nothing like that between my brother and me.”

Yomi further stated that Shina maltreated him when he was a member of his band. He also said he had never been helped by Shina.

His words, “It is actually true that when I played at my brother’s band, he used to maltreat me, I cannot lie about that. It was real and I cannot lie about that. If someone comes to ask me if my brother has ever helped me in my life, I would say he has never offered me any help. It is what he has done for me that I would tell people. There was a time when our mother used to tell me to always tell people that my brother helped me and gave me money whenever I was asked. I did it for a while but it did not work for me because those that were supposed to help me already thought that my brother was helping me out. My brother has never helped me, I don’t know if he would change his mind and help out tomorrow. 

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Yomi said he doesn’t regret having a fight with his brother.

His words, “I don’t regret having a fight with my brother, I can never regret it because God has favoured me and He is fighting my battles.”

Many years after their misunderstanding began, the brothers are still not on speaking terms. They are still holding grudges and are not ready to forgive or let go.

See more photos of Shina and Yomi

Photo credit: google/Yomi’s Instagram page/Shina’s instagram page

Hopefully, the brothers will put their differences aside and get things settled

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